Thursday, June 19, 2014

Funding For My Great Idea

You have just seen a new movie, and you are feeling inspired. Ideas are pouring in your head, and you are so excited to write them down. Once you get a chance, you jot all your ideas down in your notepad. You decide to call one of your film buddies who usually help you shoot your films. He throws some ideas at you, and you are now ready to write this script. You finish the script and then send it to some friends to prove-read it for any errors or misunderstandings. They send you notes back and then you begin finalizing the final draft of the script. Once that’s done, you start pre-production.

These are the pre-steps that an Independent Filmmaker goes through to prepare to shoot their next big film. The creativity of an Independent Filmmaker is breath taking, but there are some difficult steps that must be taken before this new film can go into production. The most crucial step is finding the funding to shoot the film. Over the last couple of years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to produce a couple of my films. I found it very challenging because I was trying to reach out to sponsors to get support, but found it difficult. Family and friends are always first on my list, but that still was not enough. I wondered if there could be a better way.

A few years ago I was introduce to a crowdfunding site called Kickstarter. I also learned about other wonderful crowdfunding sites, but this one caught my attention the most. The great thing about Kickstarter is the fact that you set a goal and tell all your family, friends, and supporters about donating to your project through your page. Though this is a great resource, the downfall would be if that goal was not reach by the deadline. If the goal is not reach, then the producer does not get the funds. I definitely want to learn more about Kickstarter and other crowdfunidng sites, so that I can find more resources for my films. This will allow me to stay in production and off the phone.