Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Final Steps

You are in enrolled in the school of your dreams. Everyone there shares the same passion for the arts as you do. You have classmates that want to work in the same industry, and some in the same position. The equipment you learn how to use is the top of the line equipment in your industry. Time swiftly passes by and you make new friends, you invest in equipment, you party, and most of all you live life to the fullest. Then reality hits.  You are reminded that graduation is in a month and you need to pick up your cap and gown for the ceremony. You finally realize that you will be graduating soon, and that you will be thrown out into the real world. Many students find themselves in this situation. They are left feeling nervous about the next chapter of their lives. Unlike most colleges, Full Sail University has a career development department. This department is designed to help our graduates build their resumes, demo reels, get leads in the industry, and guide them to a successful future. Finding a job after graduation is already a difficult task. With your career development Advisor, each student is given an extra set of eyes that is looking and seeking job leads that fit each student’s resume. We inform our students of job sites that they can check out. Some of these sites list jobs in  Los Angeles and some in New York. It is very important for each student to take full advantage of the resources they are given. Each student at Full Sail University is given an Advisor three months before graduation. If you take advantage of this resource, by the time your graduation date you will have a completed quality looking resume, a demo reel if needed, and an idea of what is going on in areas of your interest. Each student deserves the right to experience success. It’s your dream and your future. Go after it with all you got.   

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Independent Filmmaker’s Paradise

Film festivals are an independent filmmakers paradise. Since more and more filmmakers are aiming towards making a brand and a name for themselves, a lot of them are producing their films independently. With the hope of getting their films seen by the masses, these filmmakers shop their films around the world in varies film festivals. Some film festivals are Oscar boasters, and allow the filmmaker’s film to be qualified for the academy awards if their film is a winner. The Florida Film Festival is one of those film festivals. Like most other film festivals, the Florida Film Festival brings out a very popular crowd to view these films. Many people are excited to see the next big producer or director. Those producers and directors are discovered at the film festivals. A film festival like the Atlanta Film Festival, brings stars from all over the world. Atlanta is booming with talent. With major companies and studios already in the area like Tyler Perry Studios and Rainforest Films, the Atlanta area is already swarming with talent. This talent is eager to see what films are being made as well. Every independent filmmaker is looking for an opportunity to showcase their talent, and to possibly catch the eyes of a big producer or studio. To have the opportunity to get a feature film released in theaters is every filmmaker’s dream. Film festivals make this dream a reality. With film festivals in almost all the major cities, film-goers are eager to see the work of this new generation of filmmakers. Do you have a film that you think is worth seeing? Now is the time to dust that film off and get copies of it and send it to as many film festivals as you can afford. You never know what could happen. If you have a film idea you been sitting on for some time, now is the time to build a crew and get the ball rolling. Opportunities could be missed out on just because you are sitting on an idea. Let’s all encourage these filmmakers and support these film festivals. One day we may just see one of those filmmakers win an academy award.