Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Internet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database is a place where all films are hosted. This database is very important to the entertainment production world because every production is added into this database, and is access easily through the Internet. On this website you can find what films or TV shows are in production. You can also find out who’s on the cast or the crew. This is also a great resource to see what films or TV shows have been done, and what titles have been used. IMDb is a great resource for all filmmakers.  

A major program that IMDb has had for quite sometime is the ability to give credits on their site on independent short films. This resource is great because it allows up and coming filmmakers to get their name and work out there. In this industry credits are very important. Not only are the credits important, but the type of credit is important as well. Companies can easily research the work of any actor or crewmember on this site. They are not only looking for what productions you have worked on, but they are also interested in seeing who you have worked with. This website allows this to be an easy process.

Overall, IMDb is an important resource because it allows industry-qualified artist to connect and network. The online profile is like an online resume for each artist.  I think this resource encourages more work from every artist. For an example, if one of your classmates is an inspiring director, just as yourself, you are going to be checking out their credits on IMDb to make sure you are putting the work in you need to stay on top of your game. Since I started my IMDb page, I am eager to get more solid credits. Though I have done short films, and I have a couple more in the works, I am more eager to get some feature film credits on my page. IMDb has motivated me and I look forward to adding up more credits on my page.