Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Wanna Live Global Campaign

Angela D. Stanley Ministries International’s will be having their first I Wanna Live Global Campaign Hope & Life Empowerment Gathering this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.  Dr. Angela D. Stanley is a recent Entertainment Business graduate from Full Sail University. She also has a Sociology Degree form Brewton-Parker College, and a Masters and Doctorate in Word Bible College in Christian Counseling. Dr. Stanley started her ministry to reach and empower everyone who struggles with depression and any other global issue. She believes in encouraging others by lifting them up in prayer and faith.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Stanley after she completed her Masters at Full Sail University. Right away we knew it was God’s destiny that we connected. We both share a lot of similar interest and goals. We both agreed that it would be very beneficial for us to join forces on several upcoming projects. She has given me the blessed opportunity to present one of my films at this weekends event as well as talk about my company and our goals to changes lives through our productions. I am so looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people that will come out to share this wonderful experience with us.

There are a lot of special events on the schedule for this weekend. . Besides my presentation, there will also be guest speakers, discussing the benefits of health. There will be a concert featuring comedy, music, dance, and worship.  There will also be Sunday worship. These are only a few of the wonderful plans for the weekend.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing this wonderful experience. This is a life-changing event that will allow us all to share hope with wonderful souls that have experienced so much depression in life. This is a great way to change lives, which is what I am most excited about. I applaud Dr. Stanley for all her hard work in putting this event together. I am wishing her ministry a huge success this weekend, and may God continue to use her as this ministry continues to grow.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Words Of Wisdom From The Experts

Chuck Blakeman is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and incorporated columnist. His best selling book was, Making Money is Killing Your Business. Blakeman views are considered to push the envelope when it comes to starting a business plan. According to Blakeman, too much wasted time is put into planning for a business. The key point here is time is wasted in pre-planning stages, because the time that is put into planning can be put into action creating the business. Blakeman’s views make total since. He expresses in his article, How: the worst, most asked planning question, how mostly all successful companies had little to no pre-planning. He also expresses that everything that was planned, had been changed when the business started. Blakeman’s states,Never use “how” for long-range planning. Use “why”, “where” and “when” for the long-range stuff.” This concept makes total sense. It is very important to focus on short-term goals and go after them first. Once those short-term goals are accomplished, the long-term goals will be easier to reach. To get investors onboard this type of business plan would definitely have to be determined by the work that is being produce in those early stages. It could easily have a huge impact, if investors can see the quality of work that is being distributed. I will definitely use this idea while making plans for my business. It gives me a better perspective on what works now. That is exactly where my focus should be geared.

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Spike Lee is a producer, director, writer, and actor who produce controversial films that focus on race, politics, and other popular problems in urban life. Lee discusses with Leitch in an interview on how much the film industry has changed when it comes to financing films. Lee’s films, such as Malcolm X and Do The Right Thing, were huge hit films back in the 80s and 90s. Today films like this wouldn’t get made. Lee expresses, “people want films to make a billion dollars now, and they will spend $300 million to make that billion. They are just playing for high stakes, and if it is not for high stakes, they figure it is not worth their while.” The key point here would be, the film industry has taken a turn, with more fictional films then reality. In order to get investors on your business plan in the film industry, you have to have a product that will not only sell, but also sell out with large returns. I would definitely have to consider this as I continue down my journey of film production. I recently learned that some times you have to do films that sell to get your name out there. Once you have a large fan base behind you, you can produce anything.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taking Companies Far Beyond The Office

McCarthy’s,  B. (2013).  Print Advertising vs. Online Advertising
Social media has become the biggest trend in the growth of my company. In 2004 I produced my first play that premiered in Gainesville, FL for a one-night showcase, during Black History Month. The show was packed out in a large auditorium that was filled with college students who were eager to see something special and creative from one of their very own peers. I would later find out what helped that show be so successful.

My show was free to the public, with a message that drew the attention of everyone. Looking back, this was during the time social media was not nearly as big as it is today. Social media wasn’t even a factor during that time.  Later, I found out it was word of mouth and the flyers that were printed and handed out that drew the crowds out. I also had about thirty family members that drove up from Orlando to see my debut. Things are done much more different now.

Today, digital advertisement has become the cheapest and easiest force when producing a product. According to McCarthy’s online article, online advertisement is a lot cheaper, but there are still some that would prefer the print ads in the newspapers and brochures. I find the online advertisement more effective because it’s not only cheap and most of the time free advertisements, but it has a better chance to reach a large amount of people in any base. This is through social media sites. Social media has allowed my fan base to grow tremendously. I have found it has been much easier to stay in the public eye through social media sites then it is printing ads and doing radio ads to promote my productions. According to Breedon’s online article, “The main advantage online advertising has over traditional methods stems from social media product endorsements.” Endorsements are on shown television everyday through commercials, websites, and other online resources. Twitter and Facebook are also now trying to seek ways they can get more endorsements in on their products.  

My opinion about online advertisement to print advertisement, is that online is much easier, reliable, and cheaper. I have reached people all over the nation through Facebook and other social media sites. I have also use these resources to promote my productions for free. Digital is definitely taking over print advertisement, and I’m sure the future will show just that. Until then, ads and newspapers will still be printed, and the digital world will continue to grow.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Funding For My Great Idea

You have just seen a new movie, and you are feeling inspired. Ideas are pouring in your head, and you are so excited to write them down. Once you get a chance, you jot all your ideas down in your notepad. You decide to call one of your film buddies who usually help you shoot your films. He throws some ideas at you, and you are now ready to write this script. You finish the script and then send it to some friends to prove-read it for any errors or misunderstandings. They send you notes back and then you begin finalizing the final draft of the script. Once that’s done, you start pre-production.

These are the pre-steps that an Independent Filmmaker goes through to prepare to shoot their next big film. The creativity of an Independent Filmmaker is breath taking, but there are some difficult steps that must be taken before this new film can go into production. The most crucial step is finding the funding to shoot the film. Over the last couple of years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to produce a couple of my films. I found it very challenging because I was trying to reach out to sponsors to get support, but found it difficult. Family and friends are always first on my list, but that still was not enough. I wondered if there could be a better way.

A few years ago I was introduce to a crowdfunding site called Kickstarter. I also learned about other wonderful crowdfunding sites, but this one caught my attention the most. The great thing about Kickstarter is the fact that you set a goal and tell all your family, friends, and supporters about donating to your project through your page. Though this is a great resource, the downfall would be if that goal was not reach by the deadline. If the goal is not reach, then the producer does not get the funds. I definitely want to learn more about Kickstarter and other crowdfunidng sites, so that I can find more resources for my films. This will allow me to stay in production and off the phone.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

This blog will break down three legal issues that occurred in the film industry. The film industry can be really tricky when it comes to legal issues. That’s why it’s very important to copyright everything and make sure lawyers are involved. The first legal issue I will be discussing will be the lawsuit against actress, Elizabeth Banks and her husband producer, Max Handelman.

According to the Hollywood News website, Banks and Handel were being sued by Producer Dan Rosen for their recent film, Walk of Shame. Rosen felt that the couple’s new film is very similar to a film he pitched to them a few years earlier. Rosen had intentions for Banks to play the lead role in the film. After leaving the meeting very confident that they wanted to possibly consider the film, he awaited to hear back from them. He later learns of this new film they are producing that is very identical to the one he pitched to them years earlier. Cases like this can be very tricky. That’s why it would have been wise to have a lawyer or a manager also present in a meeting like this. The minutes of the meeting should have also been noted. The more notes and documents filed or signed, the better the chances for a successful case.

The next case I am going to discuss is the lawsuit Gregg Allman is brewing up against film producers of the film, Midnight Rider. This was the film that had the recent death of the camera assistant, who was hit by a freight train during one of the shooting days. According to Adams article on the WMAZ TV-13’s website, Allman doesn’t wan t the film made, due to the tragic circumstances. The producers however, want to complete the film. According to the online article, Allman states that the producers lost their rights to the film when principal photography didn’t start on time. A case like this is very sad. It was sad that someone had to loose their life during the production of this film.  I understand Allman’s case, but so that the life that was taken won’t be forgotten, I think the film should be still completed in remembrance of the lost one.

My third and last case is against a well-known talented director, Martin Scorsese. Producer Ceccho Gori was suing Scorsese in 2012, for not producing and directing a film called Silence. According to the Deadline Hollywood website, Scorsese had agreed to working on the film in 1990. However, due to other commitments the production was postponed. Later it comes out that Scorsese is working on another film, The Wolf of Wall Street. This didn’t sit right with Gori. A situation like this can‘t be taken serious unless there is a document signed. I don’t know if this agreement was done by a meeting or by Scorsese saying he agrees to do the film. Unless there is a contract, Gori will not have much of an argument.