Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taking Companies Far Beyond The Office

McCarthy’s,  B. (2013).  Print Advertising vs. Online Advertising
Social media has become the biggest trend in the growth of my company. In 2004 I produced my first play that premiered in Gainesville, FL for a one-night showcase, during Black History Month. The show was packed out in a large auditorium that was filled with college students who were eager to see something special and creative from one of their very own peers. I would later find out what helped that show be so successful.

My show was free to the public, with a message that drew the attention of everyone. Looking back, this was during the time social media was not nearly as big as it is today. Social media wasn’t even a factor during that time.  Later, I found out it was word of mouth and the flyers that were printed and handed out that drew the crowds out. I also had about thirty family members that drove up from Orlando to see my debut. Things are done much more different now.

Today, digital advertisement has become the cheapest and easiest force when producing a product. According to McCarthy’s online article, online advertisement is a lot cheaper, but there are still some that would prefer the print ads in the newspapers and brochures. I find the online advertisement more effective because it’s not only cheap and most of the time free advertisements, but it has a better chance to reach a large amount of people in any base. This is through social media sites. Social media has allowed my fan base to grow tremendously. I have found it has been much easier to stay in the public eye through social media sites then it is printing ads and doing radio ads to promote my productions. According to Breedon’s online article, “The main advantage online advertising has over traditional methods stems from social media product endorsements.” Endorsements are on shown television everyday through commercials, websites, and other online resources. Twitter and Facebook are also now trying to seek ways they can get more endorsements in on their products.  

My opinion about online advertisement to print advertisement, is that online is much easier, reliable, and cheaper. I have reached people all over the nation through Facebook and other social media sites. I have also use these resources to promote my productions for free. Digital is definitely taking over print advertisement, and I’m sure the future will show just that. Until then, ads and newspapers will still be printed, and the digital world will continue to grow.

McCarthy’s,  B. (2013).  Print Advertising vs. Online Advertising

Breedon, S. (2013). How Online Advertising is Outperforming Traditional Ads

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  1. I like how you provided a comparison of your personal experiences with customer outreach and how you have adapted over time. I think it is so much easier for anyone to start a business or gain traction for an existing endeavor because of all of the resources the internet has to offer. As you mentioned, print ads can be costly and there is no guarantee people will take notice of them as everyone walks around with their eyes staring down at their smartphones. People are already looking at Twitter and Facebook, so the most logical place to advertise a product or business would be social media sites. You also mentioned how social media sites make it both easy and affordable for small business to advertise and to communicate with their target market. Good luck with Goldenchild Productions!